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Main Products

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Main Products.

Flywheel Assemblies and Starter Ring Gears for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and trucks.

Flex Plate for automatic transmission, passenger cars and commercial vehicles (light line).


Solutions for the Automotive Sector.

Since 1901 in the market, AUTOMOTIVA CESTARI has a modern industrial and technological facility with lines fully robotized, modern chemical and metallurgical laboratories, ensuring high technology products excellent quality and worldwide competitiveness.

AUTOMOTIVA CESTARI has been always investing in the development of new products and in its industrial area.

Specialist in the automotive sector and one of the most important manufacturers of Flywheel Assemblies, Starter Ring Gear, Flex Plate  and Wheel Wrenches for cars, trucks and tractors in Latin America.

AUTOMOTIVA CESTARI supplies all main automakers and systemists, in addition supply the aftermarket through authorized auto parts distributors.

The quality assurance of our products and the excellent customer services are our priority.

AUTOMOTIVA CESTARI: A Synonym of Quality 

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